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Mothers Who Use Fear Legal Issues

The rights of medical marijuana patients in the removal, dependency and child custody contexts are still unresolved. Defending your rights can be very difficult, especially because many people in the system, including Child Protective Services (CPS) workers, attorneys and judges can be biased against parents who are medical marijuana patients

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Virtual Clinic

The CannaMommy Clinic is a free online resource.  It establishes a bridge between the patient and provider to allow open and honest dialogue. We eliminate the fear of CPS or law enforcement and provide a safe space to explore natural medicines. 20 minute free consultations are provided by board-certified RN's.  The clinic also offers a variety of free or reduced rate online educational classes, webinars, and live in-person events and sponsorships.  It provides resources for mothers to learn about, cannabis & pregnancy, pregnancy care, products, cbd and up to date legal information.  Buying our CBD Bath Bombs supports our clinic.

CBD Befor Birth Bath Bombs

CBD Products with Purpose

We advocate for mothers who use natural medicines. We believe firmly our earth should benefit everyone; not just those who can afford it.  Every time you purchase a CannaMommy product you are supporting mothers who need safe access. We are committed to providing safe, sustainable, sun-grown medicine. Our farms support our products, our products fund our programs; our programs change the world.

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