Mothers on a Mission was founded to advocate for mothers who  choose natural medicines. We provide safe, organic, natural products  that work. All donations from our products fund our missions. We provide  a safe resource for mothers and families to learn about the  endocannabinoid system and how it interacts with their bodies. We raise  money through donations to fund research on the endocannabinoid system.

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What Mothers Have to Say:

"Living in Missouri has been incredibly difficult with my pregnancies. I smoked through my first pregnancy, was honest with my Dr and he was fine with it. However I did not know in Missouri they now test your urine for drugs at each Dr visit, without asking for consent, and then will test your child at birth, again without consent. We found this out on the last day in the hospital as we were getting ready to leave. A child protective service agent came in our room and informed us that we could not take our child home until they performed a home visit. After that I had to stop smoking in fear they would take my child away if they tested me again. This caused me to develop PPD and my son to develop colic. Cannabis helped me have an easy and happy pregnancy without the use of ANY pharmaceutical drugs including basic tylenol. Yet the state says I don't have the option to make that choice for my own body and child. Now I'm pregnant with #2 and am becoming depressed again, dealing with horrible morning sickness, unable to gain weight because I can't eat anything, and unable to sleep due to stress and pains because I had to stop out of fear of CPS. I SHOULD HAVE THE CHOICE!! Instead the dr wants to put me on a prescription nausea medication and recommended I take Unisom.....UNISOM! A friggin sleeping pill with multiple side effects. I'm besides myself with this pregnancy."   -Tanya R, USA, Missouri

"I am a mother of two soon to be three kiddos. I suffer from depression,anxiety and PTSD. While pregnant all of that gets amplified. I think a woman pregnant or not should be able to have access to safe cannabis for their medical needs and recreational needs as well. It has helped my symptoms so much I can think clearly and not feel like I'm suffocating." Nyssa from Glendive, Montana

"Cannabis provideds me with comfort from tendinitis pain. I rub a CBD rub on the area that has pain and within minutes I was relieved." B, California

"I suffer from Bi-Polar 1, PTSD, Major Depression, Anxiety, & ADHD. While I must share that I am on pharmaceuticals to help balance out some irregularities with my levels in my brain, I do smoke cannabis on a regular basis to help ease my anxieties and depressions. It also helps with rapid cycles due to bi- polar reasonings, they don't happen as often or as harsh as they could. The cannabis helps slow them down. I am also a mother of 4 beautiful daughters. Although I am extremely happy about this, I never would have made it through the post-partum phase with smoking. It literally saved my life! I discuss my choice of smoking with my doctor on a regular basis, and he couldn't agree more with my decision." Heather, US, SC

"As a child growing up I didn't really know where my life was going. My parents moved me to a new city at age 11 after my grandpa, my best friend passed away and my sister was born with a rare life threatening brain disorder. After we moved the became caught up In meth for years as an 11 year old I had to be responsible for my two younger brothers and my ill sister. I learned to administer her prescriptions all 6 of them 4 times a day, and I was responsible for her feeding tube as well. After years of this and being told I couldn't go to school and being kept in a house for days with no contact but my siblings, I finally got pregnant, emancipated, got my own home, went to school and started my life. The depression and anxiety and ptsd are somethin I suffer with daily and out of over 30 prescriptions nothing makes me feel better then the sweet smile of my Mary Jane. We are not a legal state yet, so I'm waiting for the day that happens, my push for legalization isn't just for me though, it's for moms just like me who I know need it greatly, but also my sweet sister who has beaten the odds. The doctors said she wouldn't live to be 3 and now she is 13 years old, she can't walk or talk or do almost anything, and I'm hoping when they legalize it the first thing we can do for her seizures is get her access to the CBD so she can just b more comfortable." Amy, Montana USA