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January 30, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Pregnancy and cannabis have been connected as far back as 2000BC. That’s right Mamas, we have been using this plant to help bring human life earth side for literally thousands and thousands of years. So what’s up with all the fear about its use? Why is it restricted from us and legally forbidden for us to have or consume? A quick Google search can lead you to some pretty interesting information which will unravel into what I call the “black hole of prohibition” on cannabis. It will also overwhelm you with warnings, a plethora of studies telling you that consumption “may be harmful”, and advising you against using it because we just don’t know if it is safe. I call bullshit.

I say we do know, and have known for quite some time. As I said before, like thousands and thousands of years time. Cannabis is the most effective and safe way to manage and alleviate symptoms associated with pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. In fact, there has not been one documented case of a birth related negative issue caused directly by cannabis consumption. Not one documented case of any long term negative impact due to a mother’s consumption of cannabis during pregnancy. In 1994 when Dr. Melanie Derher studied the isolated impact of cannabis and prenatal exposure, she discovered that babies exposed to THC performed at or above the non exposed babies in all study measures. Studies tell us that cannabis consumption during pregnancy is almost triple that of any other “illicit” drug (including prescription drugs) and yet we have never seen one child born with withdrawals or with addiction issues when THC is present. What we are seeing is an alarming rate of babies being born with NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) due to opiods and other pharmaceutical drugs. So why is it okay and “normal” for our doctors and OBGYNS to prescribe us pills that are known to have some real and very serious effects on our babies, but yet we are still restricted safe access to a plant that is far less harmful and is far more effective?

Women not only deserve safe access to this plant and treatment, they should have the right to be able to choose how they want to approach their treatments. I stand firmly that we need to come together and speak out about our experience and talk with our medical providers about how it is helping us. We must now, more than ever, stand united and demand safe access to this plant! We can no longer live in fear. No woman should suffer alone or be refused treatment that has never hurt anyone. It is scary to stand out there and say you consumed a schedule one drug – especially when you see new headlines of families being torn apart and children being removed from homes because their parents made the choice to consume. People are fighting back and standing up for their right to consume and treat medical conditions with cannabis. In fact, just recently in Oregon, a mother fought back charges by brought by CPS. She won and was reunited with her daughter. Exactly as she should have been because cannabis is medicine.

As the nation takes charge and state by state we demand the end of prohibition on cannabis, we as mothers must work to stand together and speak out. We must demand more research and studies so we can fully understand and utilize all the benefits that cannabis can offer. Mamas, we deserve the right to have safe access to this plant and to choose how to manage our bodies and pregnancies. Get out there be heard, stand strong, educate yourself and others, and remember to vote. It’s your voice and your health. Let’s make cannabis prohibition and stigmas history.

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