Our Organization

CannaMommy.org was founded to advocate for mothers who choose natural medicines. We provide safe, organic, natural products that work. All donations from our products fund our missions. We provide a safe resource for mothers and families to learn about the endocannabinoid system and how it interacts with their bodies. We raise money through donations to fund research on the endocannabinoid system.



CannaMommy.org was founded on January 17th 2017 in California under public benefit non profit law. Our organization is made up of patient members who utilize safe natural medicines to combat a variety of illnesses and pain. Our members create products with natural oils from various plants that support mothers at various stages on their journey motherhood. We are a sisterhood of daughters, mothers, women, fathers, and sons who support the use of plants over pills. Join our membership today to learn more about the CannaMommy's in your area: its FREE TO JOIN

With excess of 20 years combined experience the master cultivators of Alpha Organic Group, gained their award winning outdoor sun cultivation techniques in the legendary hills of Humboldt County California. There is nothing our team has not dealt with; while still having thrived. Our farms produce organic flower of the highest quality for our patients. Our 240 acre fully permitted farm in Humboldt County is the backbone of our organization. Our patient members cultivate with love and compassion for not just you; but our earth. All of our products are lab tested at flower; oil; and final product to ensure safety and consistency.

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